Services We Offer

Services We Provide

Services Remodeling
We can remodel existing systems to bring it up to code, or change the existing electrical services. We can also install network cable in your building. What ever the project, we can do it.

Services Ripple and Off Peak
We are working along side the power companies to ensure the most efficient way to conserve and do load management systems by using ripple and off peak.

Services New Construction
Alarm Systems; Electrical Contractors; Commercial, Industrial and Residential Wiring; Boom Truck.

Services Electric Floor Cable
Add some comfort to your tile or concrete flooring. Using Raychem floor heat and EasyHeat, we can add some heat to your tiled bathroom floors, for those cold Minnesota winters.

Services Bucket Truck
We are equipped with crane, augers and bucket trucks to accommodate any outside projects. From installing light poles to adding some light to your building, we have the equipment.

Services Networking and Telecommunications
We install and certify cat 5/6/7 along with fiber optic cable. We also install fire alarms, intercoms, surveillance cameras and security alarm systems..


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